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People follow and engage with people and businesses who not only have a good story, but know how to tell it.

Success online means knowing how to create content and get engagement.

But how?  There is so much ‘noise’ online.  You will only break through that noise if you are clear on what you stand for and care…REALLY care about helping people with your products and services.

Meet Heather Porter:  Digital Marketing Trainer and Strategist and Online Content Publisher. Since starting her first business in her San Diego apartment representing artists and running art shows, to travelling around the world working with some of the most recognised speakers, she now manages AutoPilot Your Business, her digital agency, helping business owners to develop their online voice.

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Latest Online Tips

How to be awesome online

How to be awesome online

9 Jul 2014

You know when you hang out with certain people and just feel good? Well that is certainly how I feel when hanging out with ‘mover and shaker’ Annette Lackovic. She interviewed me for her “Living Legends Interview Series” and I wanted to share the video here too.  We had some problems with the lighting so I […]

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Create Images for Social Media

My Favourite Tools to Create Images for Social Media

3 Jan 2014

I LOVE these tools and use all of them off and on to create beautiful images for social media that increase engagement and promote products and services. Check out these 5 Tools you can use to Create Images for Social Media: PicMonkey What is it? A website you can use to create collages, design or […]

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How to Get People to Visit Your Website

5 Jul 2013

Once you have a credible website, opt-ins clearly placed so people can sign up for a free offer, great content and various landing pages placed to sell your products and services you are ready to get people to your website. (By the way, you can find out what a landing page is here if you don’t […]

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